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Top 12 Macro Hacks

1. Tostino's Queso: this is bomb on chicken, with ground beef, bison or ground turkey with taco seasoning! It's so nice because you satisfy that queso craving without all the added fat actual queso has. Tostino's queso dip only has 45 calories per 2 tbsp (32g) which is a reasonable amount and has 3g of fat, 1 protein, & 3g of carbs. Even if you double the serving size- it’s still less than 10g of fat per serving which is unheard of coming from queso!

Macros: 45 cals= 3F/1P/3C

2. Level 1 Protein: This stuff mixes like a charm & it’s cinnamon sweetness adds flavor to anything it’s paired with! Love this stuff in oatmeal, for french toast, in greek yogurt, for pancake bowls… you name it- it works! Best use of this is french toast, grab some bread, egg whites, protein powder and a dash of cinnamon. Link for free shipping:

Instructions for french toast:

  1. Grab 2 slices of your fave bread (for reference I use honey wheat high fiber bread- 70 cals per 2 slices)

  2. Mix 100g of egg whites and 1 serving of 1st phorm cookie butter protein on a plate

  3. Soak bread on both sides in mix

  4. Place bread in skillet

  5. Flip till complete and top with cinnamon, spray butter & sugar free syrup

Macros: 283 cals= 4F/39P/28C

3. Birds Eye Veggie Pasta: This carb source not only tastes amazing but is packed with veggies and protein 😳 I like to throw in some turkey or tuna with my mac to add even more protein.

Macros per serving: 160 cals= 3.5F/8P/23C

4. Taco Shells: love these for breakfast burritos, lunchtime snack wrap, even a mid-day peanut butter banana wrap, or for dinner- chicken & queso burrito! So many options with this staple item!

5. Shredded lettuce: Perfect for your chicken & queso burrito. Or in your chicken, queso bowl with some rice and tortilla chips. Shredded lettuce is also perfect to add volume to meals when you don’t have many carbs left- & keeps the meal tasting fresh! Love shredded lettuce on some ground turkey with taco seasoning as well- you can add in corn and make a taco bowl!

6. Minute Rice: so easy and convenient. Can be added to your chicken burrito, chicken bowl, taco bowl or even a lunch wrap! Already portioned out to the perfect serving size for you!

Macros: 200 cals= 2.5F/4P/40C

7. Canned green beans- so freaking easy. Everyone stresses about veggies and getting veggies in! Grab a can of green beans, heat & eat! Pair with chicken bowl, taco bowl or chicken burrito or really any other lunch or dinner you prefer. Keep it simple fam!

8. Kodiak Cakes: This is a breakfast game changer. Carbs and protein packed in one delicious item- is this real life!? This is also a snack game changer. My all time fave way to use this is the pancake bowl. 53g kodiak cake mix & 3 oz of water mixed in a bowl then microwave for 50 seconds. You can also make actual pancakes with this mix or waffles and add in protein powder or egg whites for extra protons.

Macros for pancake bowl: 285 cals=6F/14P/44C

9. Sugar Free Syrup: Can’t have pancakes without syrup right!? This sugar free is a game changer and so much cheaper than the walden farms brand. Also sugar free syrup is so good in plain oats just to give it a tad more flavoring.

10. Diet Coke: believe it or not you can cook using diet coke. My fave concoction is 1 oz diet coke, 15g of protein powder, 2tbsp of sugar free cake mix and 5g of quick oats mixed in a mug then microwaved for 30 seconds…. Omg soooo good! IT’S LIKE A CAKE IN A MUG😜

Macros for mug cake: 135 cals=1F/13P/19C

11. Salsa: salsa is the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to flavor per calories! A small amount of cals for a big amount of flavor!! Love adding this to chicken bowls, chicken burritos, taco bowls, you name it- it makes a great addition to anything!

12. Greek yogurt: Greek yogurt is a delicious treat on its own but you can add in some sugar free pudding mix and make it even better for a night time dessert! You can also add some frozen fruits to it and it can be a great afternoon pick-me-up snack!!

Hope you enjoy all of these hacks & would love to hear your fave macro hacks below!!

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