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The Best Tips & Tricks to beat the Holiday guilt

Do you struggle to handle the holidays when it comes to your fitness goals!? No stress sis, we got you.


Hydrate before your dinner! If you make sure to get your water in before eating you will be less hungry, food will process better and you will be more likely to choose better options for your plate!


What is protein!? Turkey, chicken, ham, eggs, meats, etc. Also, prioritize protein before your dinner! This will help you feel fuller longer to avoid temptations and more energized for the day!


The main reason we fail and don’t make ourselves proud on holidays is that we don’t go in with a plan! We use it as a free day and we make all the choices we want just because they are there. Once you know better, (which after reading this, you should) work to go into every weekend or holiday with a plan! Say to yourself, hey, I’m going to have a serving of protein, 2 servings of a carb (mac n cheese, potatoes, rolls, stuffing, etc.) 1 serving of veggies (greens, broccoli, asparagus, salad, etc.) and 1 serving of something fun (dessert).


Take a morning walk to get your body moving and wake us up to take on the day! This walk will help your energy levels come up quicker, prompt you to drink more water, and even get that digestion working optimally! Also, you can always take a walk after dinner to ensure food moves through the system and to keep you not feeling as full.


Be mindful of portion control, mindful of fueling the body, and be mindful of eating until you are 80-90% full, you do not have to be overly stuffed for it to be a great meal.


Be present and enjoy the moment for what it truly is. We are so quick to only focus on food on the holidays but let's remember what is truly in front of us the family we only get to see once a year or the day off work, spending time with our loved ones, let's be present and understand that food is fuel, not something we have to stuff ourselves with in order to have a great holiday! In fact, you’ll feel better the more present you are with family and the more in control you are with your food!

Remember it's just one day, treat it like every other day and work to fuel that body daily! Don’t leave yourself feeling guilty because you lost control! You are in control and you decide what gets to be on your plate and how much you eat!! Also, you are in control of how present or not present we are on the holidays, they only come around once a year so look up from that phone and connect & catch up with the loved ones sitting right in front of you!

Comment below, your biggest struggles or best tips in dealing with the holidays!

From all of us at Mpact to you, we hope you have the happiest of holidays and that if you do deal with holiday guilt that this becomes a thing of the past because you deserve to have some holiday freedom and enjoy the day for what it is.

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