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How to Create your Dream Life

  1. Decide what your dream life truly is…

First, decide what you will do for work. In order to decide this, think about your passions, what brings fulfillment, what is most exciting to talk about, learn about and how do you best serve others!?

Some other questions to help you with this brainstorm session:

How much money will you make? How much time will you spend working? What will you do for work? How will you spend your free time? What about this dream life will bring fulfillment & purpose into your life?

2. Write out action steps to creating this life…

You must learn certain skills to acquire this life, you must implement certain strategies in your life and characteristics in your character. What are those? Where are your areas of strength and what are the areas you need to strengthen? Write all these items out.

3. Find a mentor in your desired field…

Start your research, who is the best? Who do you connect with? Who do you feel like you can learn the most from? Seek them out and see if they have mentoring programs! Another route could be following podcasts from people in the desired space you want to be in.


This is where most people stop. Don’t be most people. Take action.

Those action steps above that you listed out now need to be put on your to-do list and crossed off to the best of your ability.

You won’t be perfect, it will be messy but you’ll never know how to be good until you just go for it.

5. Learn something new every day

Read 10 pages a day, listen to a podcast a day, research a new question, google search a topic and dive deep into it, or dive into a deep conversation with those more experienced than you. Whatever it is, however you do it, force it to become part of your daily routine.

That’s really it fam. Your dream life is right there waiting for you… you just have to be hungry enough & believe hard enough that it’s meant for you!

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